Hi !!!

Let me tell you guys some thing about myself

Name : Savio Ignatius Joe D'Souza (my folks decided that one name wouldn't be enough for the multi-faceted personality that I am)

Birthdate : XVIII - VIII (Figure it out; Philistine!!)

Age : I am 23 now but I won't be for long (I usually stay a particular age for just one year)

Sex : Male (& I plan on staying that way)

Nationality : Indian (nothing Red about me)

Educational Qualifications : Commerce Graduate - (due to a lot of hard work put in by my teachers)

Other Qualifications : (Isn't the above shit enough) anyway I do a little bit of programming (No, not in front of the T.V.) & I've picked up a L'il shit in web-designing on which I plan to improve myself so I could actually use it as a 'tool' (no pun intended) to actually MIND JACK you.

Likes : Everything thats nice & good & super & beautiful & lovely & ........

Dislikes : Everything else that does not feature on my 'Likes' list.

Favourite Music Artist(s) : Metallica, Aerosmith, Tchaikovski, Megadeth, Alan Parsons Project, Pearl Jam, Mozart, Simon & Garfunkel, Beethoven etc. (I guess you get a general idea)

Hobbies : Reading, Writing (I'm in the process of writting my third best seller, the first two bestsellers didn't materialise), Drawing/Painting/ Sketching, Music, Singing (though my mom feels the world would definately be rid of a lot of noise pollution if I didn't use my vocal chords for that purpose), Travelling (in general you could say I'm a well rounded personality though my slim figure does not support the fact)


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All matter written above is true to the best of my knowledge. For further details on this prototype you have just read about contact oivas@hotmail.com

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