An Appeal
Call me your brother
Call me your son
Call me your lover
You know I’m the one
I try to help you
I know its not enough
I know I’m human
So don’t be so tough
I try to do justice
From what little I know
I cry so very often
though it doesn’t really show
so try to understand me
& love me some more
I may look like a man
But this boy needs to grow

I’m sorry if I come across to you as weird
I’m sorry if I don’t come across to you as a normal, conventional person
But if I wasn’t who I am,
I wouldn’t be Me
I’d be some one else
I try but I can’t be someone else
Maybe it’s because I don’t want to
Maybe because there are too many someone else’s
Maybe it’s because I hate to be one out of a mould,
One out of the many that are mass produced

I’m not the only one like this,
I can’t be,
Definitely the world is filled with more eccentric, abnormal, unconventional people
Mad, eccentric, abnormal according to social standards; your standards
Standards defined by you & your type.
In a world that is ‘supposed’ to comprise of different types of people there is no room for all types because your rigid system has taken the space; Sucked it dry
So in a world which I’m supposed to belong, I’m an alien, an outsider, an unconventional being,
One with no aim in life 'cos what he aspires for is different from normal conventional aspirations.

Of course I’m afraid
No, not because I’m different
But because someday I may cease to be different
I may cease to be me
Yes I’m afraid of the day I lose my identity
An identity that keeps me in touch with myself
But out of touch with you.

U & I
I try so often to see
The things that I could be
I also try to ignore
the thing that I should know
You often ask me questions
Of which I do not care
But on whose answers
My life depends

You are my link to sanity
Though you drive me up the wall
You are my cushion
if I should ever fall
All this I’ve not realised
probably 'cos I’ve closed my eyes
Dreaming of things I want to be
when I know they can’t happen
till the time I’m me.

Average Guy
I can think of nothing better
I can think of nothing worse
It all falls in between
Neither blessing nor a curse

If you ask me weird questions
The answers will be the same
If you want to screw around
Don’t include me in the game

I may not oppose your ideas
But I’m still not playing
If you think that’s very foolish
Well that’s the way I’m staying

I’ll stick to my decisions
Even if it puts me in a jam
I’ll use my own perception
& try to come out if I can

So till then don’t you worry
I’ve visited here before
I’ve been to sea so often
But I’ve always reached the shore.

It never affected me before
I never thought it would
No! Definately not the way its affecting me
It has stripped me of my defences stripped me naked
made me see my vulnerability
open to attack like everyone else
I rather be the way I was before
but now I have no choice
this happening is not of my choosing
I’d never choose to be vulnerable , helpless
Yes he has struck, that cherub one more name to his list Cupids list
I didn’t think I’d be an easy target but that was before Now I realise
I was no better than a sitting duck
waiting to the right arrow, the arrow with her name
An arrow that has caused damage that no one can see
at least not the extent of damage
because I try to hide it , hide it with the pieces of my crumbling Armour
I am a Casualty
A Casualty of...
Do I really have to spell it out ?

Thanx for actually going thru this page - you could also check out this LINK. It has a poem sent to me by my friend from Pakistan - Fatima Yamin
Most probably you'll find her verses better than mine (one of the reasons I'm not putting her composition on the same page as mine - makes it easier to compare
;-) )


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