I came, I saw, I wish I hadn’t come at all.

No one is a complete loser, not when he’s raced a million other sperms to get here.

The man who labelled ‘FUCK’ a swear word was probably born out of artificial insemnation.

A Friend in need is no Friend of mine.

A bird in the hand is greener than the grass in the other man’s bushes.

Join the Army, you get to go to different places, meet different people & Kill Them.

If Jesus had a good Lawyer would we be Christian??

If you think your God’s gift to the world then maybe God doesn’t love the world anymore.

The problem of playing with shit is that it sticks to your fingers long after you’ve stopped playing & your hands smell sometimes even after you’ve washed them.

Life does it better than any whore, It Sucks !! & It Fucks you like you’ve never imagined !!!

Hippies don’t die, they go on one last Fuck’n Trip !!

2 B funny either you have 2 B very Foolish or very Smart.

What I Can; I Will,
What I Can’t; I’ll Try,
What is Beyond me I’ll let it be (though not always)

When the game is done & over with both the King & the Pawn go into the same Box.

Who I am is of no consequence; it’s what I am that should really bother you.

Because I am who I am, I am Me, If I wasn’t who I am I wouldn’t be.

Practice Safe Sex, Unsafe Sex needs no Practice.


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The quotes on this page are mostly the ones I coined myself.some are not all that serious & yet there are some which I feel will force you to think. I have however taken the liberty to put some quotes up on my site which which I like very much so as to share them with you.
If you have any quotes which you have coined yourself or are your personal favourites & would like to share them with other netizens
mail them to me along with your name & maybe I'll just put them up

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