Metallica : one of my favourite groups, this group thru the years has defined the metal genre of music & has broken all standards that existed previously, lyrically Metallica has always remained a band with a conscience with its Gut wrenching, angst ridden & socially relevant lyrics. Behind the facade of powerchords, distortation ridden guitaring & power vocals here exists a band that has often been dismissed by the mellow listeners even though its lyrics & music compositions are far superior to any other act. Metallica rendered all groups before it musically redundant & till today continues to re-write the Rule Books.
(this one is for Octave, Ranjit & all other brothers in rock - Fram you're included) METALLICA RULZ !!!

Pearl Jam : My love for Pearl Jam's music equals the love I have for Metallica. Pearl Jam's frontman Eddie Vedder with his charismatic persona gives Pearl Jam its extra edge over its contemporaries. Each & every Pearl Jam song has a story to tell, but as the old story goes no one appreciates good ol' pearl jam 'cept for the ones who have developed a taste for their brand of Music which is not too tough considering that they are such a good band.
Seny - thanx for all the recordings you've done for me - Pearl Jam is for you

Guns 'n Roses : well wot do I say, rarely have I come across people who have not heard of Axl Rose & Slash especially with hits like 'Don't Cry, Civil War, November Rain, Estranged etc etc. G'N R has been a band that has appealed to all sorts of people. Why? - Search me. :-)
Stan & Dan (Chemical brothers - shit happens) this is for you

Alan Parsons Project : From the Beatles' Abbey Road, Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon and his work with the likes of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Hollies and Al Stewart, to all the classic albums that have carried his name, Alan Parsons has helped shape the sound of Rock as we know it today. As the guiding force behind the Alan Parsons Project, albums like I Robot, Pyramid, Eve, The Turn Of A Friendly Card, Eye In The Sky and Ammonia Avenue became recognized as some of the most consistently innovative and adventurous music of any time.
This is dedicated to my pal Derwyn D'Penha who introduced me to Alan Parson's brand of music. Thanx Dude & Stay Radical !!

Simon & Garfunkel : I've been listening to these guys ever since I was a kid & till today these guys (Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel) still create magic for me with their poetry like lyrics & superbly constructed harmonies. I hope you enjoy these lyrics as much as I have. (Sharoni - this one's for you).

Note : The person in the photograph is no great musician - just Me (I guess I love myself a little too much - how else do I explain so many photographs of myself plastered all over the site.)

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