Really glad that you decided to visit the LYNX page on Savio’s Domain.
On this page I’ll try my best to provide links to really super sites that could possibly interest a cyber surfer.
Besides (now, brace yourself & Thank your Lucky Stars) you will also able to access stuff like jokes & other such fun stuff that form a part of Savio’s Domain the links of which are not provided on the main page .........

So Cruise Ahead & Check ’Em Out !!!!!

Murphy's laws : For those who know of Murphy's laws & really like them I suggest you check out this link (SUPER COOL STUFF)
For those who Don't I suggest you check it out anyway chances are you'll love 'em.

Death : Well this page as the title says is dedicated to Death, Death poems , Epithaphs, Death quotes etc.
No, I am not obsessed with death merely facinated by it
Why are we humans so frightened of death inspite it being one of the oldest occurences. WE ALL DIE !!!!

Lyrics : From here you can download lyrics of songs from various groups -
I've enjoyed all of them - hope you do too.
so ..... Go ahead & enjoy !!!!!

Photography : This link leads to photographs clicked by a dear friend of mine Nigel Rodrigues who is a budding & upcoming photographer - Infact the photograph of me on the ME page was clicked by him. 'Nigel - All the best in whatever you do' & stay the asshole you are (You're the best) forever.

Why guys like gurls : Ever wanted to find out why guys like gurls well then go ahead & check this link out.

Bharat Online : An online service catering to India (for those who don't know 'Bharat' is another name for India) where you could check out NEWS, Views, Places worth visiting, Historical sites in India, Entertainment(of course pertaining to India) with real audio & the works, a site that is a must for all home sick Indians abroad as well as for those bitten by the travel bug. Besides all this bharatonline also has a beauty & health section as well as a puzzle page check it out.!!!!!!!!!!

Webmonkey : one of the best sites available on the net today where any person interested in webdesigning should visit. The topics covered in this site include tutorials from HTML, DHTML, Perl, Scripting etc etc etc - A MUST CHECK-OUT site. trust me you won't regret it.

Hotmail : Hotmail, the brain child of an Indian Sabbir Bhatia now taken over by Microsoft. is easily one of the most popular service providers on the Internet today for the simple reason you can create a FREE E-mail account here. (Infact your truely also has an account here)


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